Americans Like Burgers, Duh!

Pin It Tonight I'm making Omaha burgers with roasted bell peppers. I'm not very big on tomato on my burger, and our friend who is allergic to tomatoes is coming for dinner, so I get to fancy the burgers up with something else. I'm always afraid I will accidentally put tomatoes into a dish and cause our friend great digestive disomfort, so I have to think twice about what to cook when he comes over. I asked him if he liked burgers, and his reply was that he's American, of course he does. Not being American myself, I didn't realize this was a given.

If I get home on time, I'll also throw together my bean salad, with two kinds of beans (black and white), lots of scallions, parsley and a lemony vinaigrette. No real cooking required.

Now if I wasn't working, I would have also baked some chocolate chip cookies, and made some lemonade. But you know.

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