Coupons = Freedom

Pin It As many of my friends know, I love coupons. It feels dumb not to use them since I save so much money. And I bet if I was a real housewife, I'd save so much money with coupons, it would actually not make any sense for me to have a job.

Over the years, I've had some pretty good coupons, mostly coming from my mom, who will give me stacks when I visit and then call and follow up on their usage. "What!" she'd yell into the phone, "You mean you didn't go to Vons first thing after you left our house last night at 10 pm, and buy those strawberries! You know they are open until midnight." Oh, yes. It's true.

Anywho, some of my favorite coupons that I can recall have been for very vague things like: $3 off on produce, $2 off seafood, chicken or pork, $2 ribs (which kind! I always want to ask the coupon), and then there's the $5 off Smirnoff vodka, and my favorite FREE Victoria's Secret cotton panty. I get the VS coupon like every 6-8 weeks, and haven't actually paid for a pair of cotton panties in years.

A few weeks ago, I received a coupon for a FREE Old Navy American Flag t-shirt. So, yesterday, I decided to get one, I mean why not? No one will be able to throw me a communist birthday party any more, because I'd show up in my new All-American shirt, 100% cotton. Thanks Old Navy, I am an immigrant no more.

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