Hiking, Drinking and Eating

Pin It I'm not much of a hiker. But every few months, I really like the idea of going on a hike. And recently I bought some sweet hiking socks at the going out of business Chick's sale. They are pretty awesome. So on Saturday we went on a hike in the Santa Monica mountains. The last time we did this hike was for my birthday 3 years ago. One of our friends had an asthma attack and claims she almost died, but all in all, it was super fun. I found some of the pictures, where we were all a little younger.

The hike on Saturday was less playful, but I guess we're all 3 years older. It was still fun, except for the times I could barely move my legs.

But this time there was beer and burgers afterwards, as well as a Luke Wilson sighting. And then, a trip to Scoops for some Guinness chocolate ice cream. A productive day after all.

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