I like Fridays, but...

Pin It I actually LOVE Fridays. Besides the obvious reason of two days of no work following each Friday, I also get off work at 1:30. So this means I'm home by 1:45, getting to miss that traffic bullshit. And, I can almost convince myself that I never did go to work, I just woke up late, and it's time to fix myself some lunch.

But. But, this last Friday, I had to work late. Not only that, BUT, next Friday, I have to work a full day! That's two Fridays, where I pretend I don't work at all, and occupy myself with pleasantly boring tasks like reorganizing storage spaces, catching up on my Rachel Ray magazines, or reading in bed until I feel a nap coming on, being taken away from me.

I have a friend who I won't name, who says, "Stop your whining, at least you have a job. At least you have a job you like. At least blah blah," and sure, I'm aware of all the blah blahs, but still, it sucks.

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  1. at least you have all your limbs intact.