It Could Be Worse for Sure

Pin It We all complain about work (unless of course you're like someone I know and you work from home 3 times a week in your pajamas, with a fancy fan circulating fancy air around your room), but once in a while I'll look up and think, I have it pretty good. This is the view from my office:

It's not so bad. And when I get tired of looking at the pretty skylight and grand staircase, I can always shut my door, and stare at the fireplace.

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  1. when i'm sitting in my storage closet office with no windows and a mysterious stain on the carpet, i think of you and adam and you know what? i'm glad we're friends. so that someday, when one of you "disappears," i can ease right into your job and take over.

    now, tell me more about this salesforce system you use...