Pork Party

Pin It No, not a pool party, a pork party! Our friend from Pittsburgh (I'm claiming him as ours, even though he's more of my husband's friend, because I like him so much and hope that he likes me too), provided us with this awesome pork recipe that involves a lot of pork, Stone's Smoked Porter, many other spices and 4 hours of slow cooking. Sounds good, right? Yes. That's why I want to have a party to honor the pork, the porter and I guess the guy who gave us the recipe, even though he's far away, sometime in June.

One of my favorite things about this guy is not his crazy obsession for turtles, although I do like that, but, a saying he'd say when I first met him in Denmark, "Remember, condoms don't protect the heart." It was odd because the conversation did not lead us to condoms or the heart, or anything like that, but he'd just randomly say this when saying goodbye, or hello, or while eating a giant burger. Anyways, I liked him right away, and trust that he makes some good pork. He did work as some sort of Chef, somewheres before.

So now to more important things - drinks. What do you serve at a pork party? The obvious Stone Smoked Porter? Or something like a mojito, or another rum-based drink? Or none of the above. Suggestions?

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