Weight Gain Worth It

Pin It So I've gained some weight over the last 2 years, and although I'd like to think it's because I eat too much, it's actually because 1) I drink a lot more beer, 2) I've kind of taken a sabbatical from the gym, and 3) When I go out, I go all the way out, and order items like filet mignon with a triple butter and garlic sauce.

This past Saturday, we had our second outing to Babita Mexicuisine, in San Gabriel. This place looks almost like someone's house, off a busy street, making you double check the address. Nothing fancy. The interior is tiny, with about 8-10 tables, outdated wood paneling, empty booze bottles along the wall (sure sign of class you think to yourself), BUT, the food is amazing. No burritos or tacos here, instead the menu is full of yucatan-style dishes that make you want to fly to Mexico, instead of driving there. Definitely the best place I have eaten at in Los Angeles. Yes, all of it.

The beauty of this place is that because it is small, the Chef approaches your table and tells you about the menu, makes a few jokes about your wine, puts you at ease. Also, if you're in the good with the Chef, you get a special menu, where he just keeps bringing out items he created especially for you. We witnessed this on Saturday, very jealously eyeing the table near us, and are currently plotting getting on that special menu list as soon as possible.

Oh, and you can bring your own wine, with no corkage fee. That's pretty sweet, and it means you can spend more money on food, like getting two appetizers! We started with the soup of the day, two soups actually, separated by an invisible line of deliciousness - mango and carrot, then had the Calamares Fritos in habanero cocktail sauce. The soups were amazing, one sweet with a curry flavor, and the carrot very smooth with strong orageno accents. The calamari was tender, yet crispy, with the sauce burning your mouth pleasantly as you wait for the main dishes.

My main course was even better. I went for a special - Filet Mignon with Scallops, in a triple butter and garlic sauce. I've never had a better steak and seafood combo. And as I ate, I could feel putting on at least a pound, maybe two, but the butter and the wine put me in a haze, and it was all worth it.

Unfortunately, we had no room for desert and headed straight home to recover in a food coma that lasted well into the next day. But, we have plans on going back next month and charming our way to a special menu.


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  2. Being skinny is overrated, especially in the face of triple butter and garlic sauce.