Eating Alone

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Last night I made dinner for one. Me. Sometimes I really really like cooking for myself. I usually cook without music or tv, which some people find odd, but I enjoy the sounds of cooking, as well as silence. I like it quiet, with some sizzling in the background.

Last night, I found a couple of Japanese jumbo scallops in my freezer, so I decided to make some potatoes and yellow squash on the side. It took a little longer than I thought, so I had to drink a beer to keep me motivated and from snacking, but once done, it was delicious.

Then today, I had lunch out in Glendale, although not alone this time, I'm just going to briefly mention my dessert. We stopped at Portos Bakery after and I bought a slice of raspberry cheesecake to take back to work with me. As always, Portos did not disappoint. It tasked great, even on my little paper dixie plate.

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