Neko and Crepes

Pin It On Friday night, I finally got to enjoy my last birthday present (from April!) by attending a Neko Case concert. The evening started off a little shaky with a trip to CA Pizza Kitchen. You might say, KK would never go there! You'd be right. You know me well, my friend. But, I had a gift certificate, and I'd never been there. So, we went. The wait was 40 minutes. Apparently, white people love to wait a long time for pretty crappy food. Who knows, maybe the wait makes it taste better.

So we got some stuff to go, pizza and some fake spring rolls, with tortillas as wrappers. Nothing was awful, but it wasn't good either. So, I'm going to go ahead and pretend it never happened.

Once we got to the concert, at the Greek Theater (I had never been), I was in better spirits. It was pretty and we had good seats. Until, two tiny loud lesbians sat behind us. They looked like they were in good shape, so there was no way I could take them both, but I thought about it. One sang back up through the whole concert. Sigh. Besides that, the concert was great. Neko was funny, and her voice amazing.

The next morning, my husband made some crepes. They were pretty delicious.

And here he is assembling one. For our second crepes (yes we each had two), we spread some good strawberry jam on the crepe first, and it made it even better.

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