Overboard at BevMo!

Pin It Beverages and More is great. You can get some good booze there you'd normally can't find at other places. And, you can buy some cream soda at the same time. If you're into that sort of thing. Once a year, I am into that. Otherwise, I stick strictly to booze.

So, I went at lunch, to get some Stone's Smoked Porter for our pork party this weekend. I needed two 22 once bottles. But I left the place with: 6 bottles of white, 6 bottles of red wine, and 2 bottles of Cava. And of course the 2 bottles of beer I originally went for. I couldn't help it, they were having their 5 cent sale, buy a bottle, get the 2nd for a nickle. Usually, I can resist. But they had some really good stuff this time, at very nice prices. I'm a sucker for a good deal. A sucker who has enough wine for the summer!

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