Pizza! Pizza!

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In an effort to cheer up my husband, I decided to take him to Zelo's Pizza in Arcadia. I thought we'd walk there for exercise, but no, someone couldn't walk for 30 minutes, so we drove. But it's all good, we got there, and it's all that mattered.

If you've never been to Zelo's, you should kind of go. I mean I wasn't a fan at first try, it's cornmeal crust pizza, so it's different, and I had the potato/panchetta pizza and was just not impressed. Full, but not impressed. But everyone raved about it, so I kept going and each time (like the 3rd time), I was hooked. They also have an amazing beets and goat cheese salad, and some decent beers in bottles.

So yesterday, we had three different slices. Typically, a slice and some salad will fill you up. Unless you are a little piggy, and we are, so we split the second slice. We had 1) eggplant, with blue cheese and fresh tomatoes, 2) four cheese, with stinky anchovies (not mine) and 3) baby artichokes, with fresh tomatoes. The eggplant was my favorite, it was garlicky and delicious. Also, although the Cesar Salad was good, get the beets one, it's just way better.

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