Ricecooker, MJ, and French Food

Pin It Last night, I had made plans to take my friend out to dinner, in exchange for her letting me borrow her rice cooker for my pork party. Then MJ died, so we had to go out and have a drink for him (or in this case a bottle of wine) as well.

My friend shows up with a rice cooker called "Tiger" from the 70s, her parents got it as a wedding present. It had some hilarious instructions about what crop of rice to use, what to do with a bad crop of rice and other very informative information about how to prevent rice from going moldy. Anyway, this thing is tiny, and as soon as I saw it, I told her, I'm taking you somewhere fancy, and this is what I get?

So we went down the street to one of our favorite local restaurants, it's called Devon, its frenchy. My husband and I got to know the owner pretty well, and my friend had never been, so we took a bottle of wine and walked over there. We decided to sit at the bar and watch some tv as we ate. Of course nothing was on besides MJ talk. So we ended up watching Larry King Live with special guests such as Corey Feldman, P Diddy, Cher, and one of the dudes from N Sync. It was ridiculously sad. I guess I just haven't really associated creepshow MJ with his awesome music from the past. So to me, he's been gone for a while.

Anyway, here's the deliciousness we ate: yellow bell pepper soup, crab cakes, deep fried catfish, and the chocolate.

The soup was surprisingly good. It was their first time making the soup, and I guess the lesson here is that if you add cream, it will taste good. It was peppery, and silky and had a nice ending. Although I tried to get my friend to try the black bear ravioli, that didn't fly. At first, she didn't actually make the connection that it was filled with bear meat, and once she did, she said she wasn't in the mood for bear that evening. Understandable. So we got the crab cakes, which were buttery and crabby.

But the star of the night was the whole deep fried catfish, purchased that very same day. And apparently, the biggest one of the bunch was served to us. And we destroyed it. It is deep fried with slices on ginger and served with soy sauce for dipping and tons of cilantro on top. I didn't have my camera with me, so I did my best with the cell phone. I hope I was able to capture its grandness.

After devouring this mini whale, we were stuffed, but I still had lots of wine to finish and insisted we get The Chocolate for dessert. Now I know my picture here does not do the dessert any justice, as you cannot see the color of the sauce, but take my word for it, it was very pretty, and muy delicious.

So, the dessert is this: a chunk of chocolate mousse, with a pistachio sauce. Simple, but this sauce is so tasty and amazing, that's it makes this my favorite dessert of all time. ALL TIME, people! My friend was impressed. As we watched TV and slowly savored the chocolate, she says, I'm going to think about this for the rest all night and not be able to sleep. I though she was referring to MJ, but she wasn't.

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