Saturday Night Asian Fest

Pin It Our friend came over last night to cook us some Thai pork. It's called something or other. We first took a trip to the Arcadia Market for some Thai chilies and basil. And we ended up getting some supplies for starters.

Their (I don't partake in eating such slimy things) first course was oysters.

Then, as we waited for my chicken curry, we had a spicy tuna salad to hold us over. I prepare the tuna with some chili powder, wasabi and a tiny amount of mayo.

My curry takes about 40 minutes or so. You first cook the chicken in some curry paste, curry powder, turmeric, chilies and garlic. Then you add the veggies and coconut milk.

Later, I also add some peas, bamboo shoots, fresh ginger, and thai basil. In the end it looks something like this.
Towards the end, my friend made her ground pork dish, it took about 10 minutes or so. And we had it with a side of kim chi.
Everything was tasty and by 9 pm, we were stuffed, and settled down to watch Platoon.

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