Sunday, Busy Sunday

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So the boys brewed some beer on Sunday. And after a trip to the Asian market, I was inspired to do some cooking.

First, I made some pea ravioli from a Martha Steward recipe I found years ago. It's pretty easy and delicious. I froze these for quick dinners later. You boil the ravioli for a couple of minutes and finish them off by sauteing in butter, and serving them with mint sprinkled on top. But I guess you can also top them with cheese, and tomato sauces as well. You boil peas and shallots in some wine and water, puree, then fill dumpling wrappers with the mixture. Not so hard.
(As you see, I cook while drinking whiskey and ginger ale. It inspired me.)

Then, I started on dinner for the evening with a soup by crazy Giada, who never gains a pound, not even when pregnant. It's a Tuscan white bean soup with fresh sage. Again, not very hard. I doubled the garlic and sage it called for, but we all agreed it could have used more of the two. Ahh, Giada, you should try your own food before publishing a book of recipes. Eat woman!

For the main course, I made a pistachio and parsley fettuccine with seared shrimp. First, I made a quick pesto with the pistachios, garlic, Parmesan, and parsley. Then I heated up some heavy cream, lemon zest and juice and added the pesto and pasta, and ended up with a tomato free dish, safe enough for everyone present to enjoy.

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