You don't know my blog!

Pin It Some people refer to this blog as a food blog, but what do they know. Sure I like to eat and cook, and eat, but my housewife fantasies extend beyond food, like onto the couch, where I can sit and enjoy some tv and read my Rachel Ray Magazines (thanks N- for getting me a new subscription for my bday). I love me some free magazine subscriptions.

Anyway, so today, although I'm not quiet able to make it out of the kitchen, I'm not going to write about food. Instead, let's talk granite.

I usually enjoy tedious tasks like cleaning out storage spaces, organizing, dusting and what not, but I HEY-te sealing our granite counter tops. For some reason I didn't think this through when researching new counter tops. I mean I looked into cement, but that stuff was pricey. So now, every 6 months, I have to dedicate a few hours of my life to smelling some chemicals, and applying the sealer over and over on the granite, so that it can last forever and ever. It bores me. So that's why I'm boring you too, so you can feel my pain as you watch tv tonight after work, and think of me, buffing and buffing with a pout on my face.

In case you don't recall the ugly tile that used to be in my kitchen, here's some flashback photos, of the before and after.




  1. so you get granite and your head turns into greg's? not sure about the tradeoff, there...

  2. yeah, careful. granite can do that to you.