Ah the Whittier Greenway, 10 years too late

Pin It As young high school lovers, we used to often walk on the abandoned railroad tracks running near our school. It was cute, and dusty. We heard stories about how one day this would become a beautiful greenway trail, for the residents of Whittier to enjoy.

Then, we graduated high school. And college. We got jobs. We got married. Twice. We bought a place, not in Whittier. Did a lot of renovation. We travelled. My husband's greying hair got a lot greyer. My eyesight prescription got worse 2 years in a row, then it eventually became stable. We started a container garden on our balcony. It did pretty well. And finally, the Whittier Greenway was completed and opened to the public.

Now, when we visit our parents in Whittier, we ride the trail from one set of parents to the other. It's about 4 miles each away. There's nothing too special about it. Except our friend was in charge with the public art along the way (which is nice), but she has since moved away, turning her back on the trail. But not us. Sometimes I feel a need to ride it. I'm sure you'll agree, we kind of waited a long time for this trail, so maybe that's why that desire is there.

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