Anniversary Dinner

Pin It Being married is hard. You have to share all kinds of things you don't want to: finances, feelings, the bed. But once a year (or twice for us), we get to forget all of that, spend a couple of minutes appreciating each other, and go out to a nice dinner.

Our July anniversary is actually our legal marriage date. Some of you will remember hiking up to the Whittier Hills (saved single-handedly by my brother-in-law) and witnessing our friend marry us in a monk robe. There was no abundance of food, booze and dancing, like wedding numero 2, but ring pops were exchanged and the collapse of the Soviet Union referred to in the wedding vows. It was fun, and we parted at night to go to our respective parents' homes, to sleep in our own comfy beds.

So last night we celebrated our love and our short time on this earth together (which is actually forever) by an outting to Babita's, which I have already mentioned here. We took with us a nice, expensive bottle of Savignon Blanc, and ordered all kinds of delicious food, starting with a tequila-cured salmon sope and the soup of the day - roasted yam and tortilla, pureed to perfection.

I then ordered and enjoyed a delicious sea bass with Veracruz risotto.

My husband ordered the "super hot" shrimp (that's according to the menu). The lady said,"It's hot, you know?" He noded along, and said that was fine. However, it was not fine. Those little bastard shrimps (below covered in salsa) were from hell. Sure he still enjoyed the dish, but was not only covered in a sweat after 2 of them, he started hallucinating after 4. I tasted one and almost passed out. I just don't like being that hot unless there's a pool nearby I can jump into.

And we had to get dessert just to get the hotness out of our mouths. We enjoyed some chocolate flan, which made me feel much better, but it was too late for my husband, he was in a different world. Unable to drive home, or talk coherently, he blabbed a bit on the drive back and fell asleep within minutes afterwards.

He came to this morning and went to work, but I'm not convinced permanent damage has not been done. I asked for his verdict, now that he makes sense again, and in his words, "Loved it, as an experience, an event, like climbing a mountain." He continued to say that this different kind of meal took him somewhere else, as all good food should. I wonder if eating some crazy shrooms wouldn't have accomplished the same thing, at a cheaper price.

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