Castle Press Cookies

Pin It At my last job, as the Communications Director, I took care of the printing of our newsletter. It was a pain, but we worked with Castle Press for a long time, and they were great. They are local to Pasadena and bake cookies daily on-site, which they then deliver with your order. These were the best cookies I have ever tasted, they were chocolate chip, with walnuts and a hint of oatmeal, and love.

Every time my Rep would visit me she'd bring a single cookie, which I would devour as soon as she left the office and think about it the rest of the day. And every time an order was delivered, I'd get a box of 6. At first, I shared these with my co-workers, or took them home to share with others. But then, I got smart. I'd hoard the whole box and savour a cookie a day. It was great.

Then time came to leave and switch printers. I was sad.

But now, I am once again in charge of printing. And it just so happens we are working with Castle Press. Next week we will receive an order. I can not help but wonder if there will be cookies. I hope there will be cookies.


  1. Wonderful blog! I too work with Castle Press.
    I'm sure they'd love to know how you feel about their company.
    If you don't mind my asking what company are you with? You can hit me up at my gmail if you'd like to talk more thegreatestmj@gmail.com or visit my blog on Xanga. Best, Michelle

  2. would anyone ever release the cookie recipe? email me at cynthia_vannessa@hotmail.com if you know the answer :-)

  3. Did you ever get the recipe for these cookies? We get them at my work and they are some of the best cookies I've ever had.

  4. i've been trying recipes myself to get something close. i have a similar taste down, but the texture has me scratching my head!