Chang's Garden, not magical, but tasty

Pin It I don't recall if I've mentioned it here before, but my husband is a fan of Jonathan Gold and his 99 list. So slowly, we've been eating our way through the restaurants selected by Mr. Gold in this year's list (Babita is also on there). If you're not from the LA area, Gold writes about food for the LA Weekly, and has been putting out an annual list of his favorite 99 restaurants.

Last night, we went to Chang's Garden. This place is in the same shopping center as our local asian market, Arcadia Super Market. We've driven past it many times, it never looked very exciting. But it's on the list.

We started with some delicious 5-spice beef pastry, pictured above. The dough was a little oily and delicious. Then, came the pork and chive dumplings, and pork in lotus leaf.

Dumplings were rather tasty, and the pork was even better. A Gold recommended dish.

There were also noodles in peanut and chili sauce. Good, but I could have done without them.

And our last two dishes were eel, not my deal, no matter how much I looked them over, they did not call to me, and fried fish with seaweed. Both Gold recommendations.
I can't say anything about the eel, because I didn't try it, but no one seemed very enthusiastic about it. The fish however, was very good, and there was plenty of it, for three people that is.

I'd definitely go back and try more, the menu had some pretty good options. Maybe next time we can go in the winter time so I can try some soups and their Christmas ornaments won't look so out of place.


  1. I love the eel. better than the fish. And Gold's List is for the Top 99 Essential LA Restaurants.

  2. it sure didn't appear as though you LOVED the eel.