Flowers from Don Draper (Well, not really. But I'm going to pretend.)

Pin It This is Don Draper. He's a dream. And he's the main character in my favorite show, Mad Men. I'm kind of a sucker for dudes in nice suits, with minimal words, an a drinking habit that is borderline alcoholism.

Today, I look really pretty. I wore a nice dress, took time to put on eyeliner, and some uncomfortable heels. Three people told me I look nice. And all because I was hoping to meet Don Draper. You see, they are filming Mad Med at my work today. I have been excited. Super excited. And yet, after getting to work, I quickly learned the scene didn't star my true love. I was devastated.

But then, Don Draper gave me the flowers you see below. But not the apple.
Actually, he gave me nothing. Sigh. The set decorator did. I hear, the director didn't like the color of these roses. But, I'm going to pretend they came from Don. Because if he was here, I am convinced he would have given them to me. And then offered me a cigarette (which I would have politely refused because I'm allergic) and a drink (which I would have gladly accepted).

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