Getty Adventures and French Fare

Pin It We haven't been to the Getty in ages. Actually, maybe 4 years or so. And things have changed, like parking is now $15. But since it's otherwise free, we went and had a good time. Except for the parking, and I'm not complaining about the cost, I'm just talking about their massive underground structure that feels a lot like hell as you drive down to each level. I almost had a panic attack and we parked only in negative 3.

Anyway, as we got there, my camera battery died. So, I got to document the day with my crappy cell phone camera.

After appreciating some art, and lying around on grass, we drove to Santa Monica for some French food, at a place called Anisette Brasserie. We liked it right away, my husband because our waiter reminded him of Bill Murray, and me because it was dark and comfy.

I was able to document most of the stuff we had, except for the dessert, which we ate too quickly, and by that time I was tired of trying to figure out my cell phone camera settings.

First, we had oysters and scallops with chorizo. I do not eat oysters, but Bill Murray said if I was going to start, this would be the place to do it, so, I gave it a shot and liked it. But of course these oysters were pretty much the best around, and definitely cost enough to be anything but delicious. And the scallops were so tasty with the chorizo, I'm definitely going to attempt this at home.

For the main course, I had some Alaskan halibut and my husband the pork tenderloin. Now, my halibut looked kind of small, but it was nice and meaty and with a great butter sauce (I just can't stay away from these). And the pork was the best we've ever had (yes, even better than my pork party pork, but I'm not a French chef you know). It was so tender and fresh it reminded us of sashimi.

We finished with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate fondue and dessert drinks, and left in a state of bliss. The place was not cheap, but definitely worth going to, and taking some out of towners, or in towners you're particularly fond of. Or whoever. Just stop being so cheap and go.

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