He cooks AND bakes, but is it enough?

Pin It Last week, my husband made some pretty awesome meals in an effort to give me some quality gym time (which I hate) and less kitchen time (which I love). But since next weekend is going to involve sitting around and drinking beer by the river, I took him up on it.

So, we first had some salmon, grilled shrimp and beans. All very well done.

Then we had some pizza. He's on a mission to make the perfect the CA pizza dough recipe (mentioned earlier), so we'll probably be having pizza weekly. This time, I topped mine off with arugula, roasted bell peppers, and artichokes. It was goooood. It went well with the home-brewed ESB.

Then he also baked a pretty impressive bread. Best texture so far. We had it with some lentil, bacon and spinach soup (not pictured due to my laziness).

Although his dinners were great, there's still really no competition on who'd make the better housewife. I look much better in an apron.

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