Kern Camping, Eating and Tubing

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For a while there, we went to Kern River annually. It was fun, because they have bathrooms with showers. And I got to sit in the stream and read and drink beer, before I could legally drink beer. Then we stopped going. A few of us missed it, so this year, my friend flew out from Texas just to recreate the magic. We gathered some fun folks, lots of hot dogs and sausages and drove north to Kernville.

Our campsite was right along the river, which was nice, except for the lack of shade. And we spent a good amount of time either swimming (sitting in the river with beers) or tubing down the river.

We also spent a lot of time eating. With the town a few minutes away, we didn't bring much food with us. Instead, we had broasted chicken, hot dogs, sausages, burgers, pizza, more burgers, more hot dogs and sausages. We even had sausages for breakfast on our last day. I'm a little sausaged out.

Our friend, a little genius, made us roasting sticks with the tiny little metal skewers we had. He used some wiring from the wood bundles we bought and constructed the above sticks for us, part wood, part metal. Then his car broke down, which totally sucked. And even though it had to be towed and cost a fortune, we thought of him when roasting our hot dogs and were really glad he came.

Kern River '09 successfully survived by us.

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