Monday Lobster Meal

Pin It After being ignored in the fridge since Friday, the lobster finally received some attention today. I decided to go for a no-fuss, simple meal -- a nice hearty salad and broiled lobster.
I first scrubbed yellow and red beets and wrapped them individually in foil.

They baked in the oven for about an hour, at 400 degrees. I let them cool for about two hours. Tonight, I used only two, the rest, I kept in the foil, placed them in a ziplock and will refridgerate and use throughout the week.

I sliced the beets thinly and added them to romaine lettuce, along with some heirloom tomatoes and cesar dressing.

Before broiling my lobster, I heated butter with a glove (or clove, thanks for pointing out my typos readers) of garlic and a little bit of grated ginger. I brushed the butter mixture on the lobster (twice, once at the beginning and once, half-way through cooking). It takes no time at all for two small tails to cook, about 10 minutes at 550 degrees. Quick, delicious, and fancy.

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  1. I want a garlic glove! Everything one touches turns to delicious.