My meals last week

Pin It I hope the last post didn't give you the impression I did nothing last week. I unhappily went to the gym and an evening hike, and cooked as well. A real multi-tasker!

Anyway, I made some Alaskan halibut with a tomato, basil and mustard vinaigrette and some veggies on the side.
Then, on Friday, before our pirate bar adventures, our friend came over and I cooked up the ravioli I had frozen a while back. I made a quick creamy pesto for it, and a nice hearty salad. It was pretty delicious, and filling. But my husband was apparently still hungry, so he kept eating random stuff from the fridge. And lets just say the next morning he didn't feel so good. Lesson here? Don't eat cottage cheese and salsa after a dinner made by me. That's just dumb. Oh, also, don't drink a lot of different drinks either.

I think tomorrow I want some spaghetti with a nice garlic and basil sauce.

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