Quick Saturday Lunch

Pin It I make a good sandwich. I used to make sandwiches all the time for lunch in high school, and my husband would always tell me how good they are and eat them, leaving me with no lunch. I guess that's how I stayed so skinny back then. But I was so dreamily in love, that I didn't need to eat lunch.

Well, times have changed. And lunch is important, especially since I don't eat breakfast.

Today, I made a quick lunch for myself -- a turkey sandwich and a heirloom tomato salad with some mozzarella, cucumbers and basil.

I spread some artichoke and Parmesan cheese spread on one side, and some whole grain mustard on the other.

I like loads of greens, the more the better. I used sprouts and cucumbers, which give the sandwich a nice crunch.

And of course my salad was topped off with some good balsamic vinegar and coarse ground pepper. I ate my lunch in front of the TV, watching "Spain... On The Road Again" which features the most beautiful woman ever, Claudia Bassols. Yes, I have a little crush. But have you seen her?

Anyway, it's now time for some Nashville Skyline and kitchen cleaning. Tomorrow, we're planning on a decadent lunch. So stay tuned.