Sunday Brunch: not as indulgent as promised

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The plan was to have lobster for Sunday brunch. We had some we wanted to cook up, and didn't get to them on Friday. But, seriously, lobster for lunch is a little much, we decided. At least during this past weekend, after lamb and fillet mignon on Saturday.

Instead, we went for a simpler mid-day meal, potatoes and eggs. Whenever I make potatoes in the morning, I always microwave them for 5 minutes or so, just to speed things up. I first cooked up some white onions and bell peppers, and then added the potatoes.
I seasoned the potatoes with salt, pepper and paprika, for a nice taste as well as some color. And added the green onions, ham and garlic at the end.
My husband made me a fried egg (since I don't really like eggs, just the yolks, I'm not good at preparing them), and I toasted some of that sweet marble rye bread. A little less glamorous than lobster, but pretty damn satisfying.

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