10-4, Little Buddy

Pin It Today my littlest brother turned 21. He doesn't know about this blog, therefore, I can talk about him all I want.

I can't believe he's officially an adult. It's scary. I still think of him as like 16, a lazy high school kid that refuses to read every, and any, book I've bought him. Who doesn't want to read The Hobbit? I don't get it.

Anyway, he's the rebellious one, with something to prove. No one is sure what that is yet. And he's the most pickiest eater I know. His staple of foods include: cereal, pizza, hamburgers, potatoes, and chicken breasts.

He won't even eat turkey. So every Thanksgiving we have to grill him a chicken breast. So lame. He also doesn't eat ketchup. He doesn't like salads, in general. Or soups, in general. He does like cookies.

We're going to have him over for dinner soon. And from past experience, I have learned that hamburgers are a hit, as long as they are not fresh. So, frozen burgers are on the menu. Maybe some pizza as well. We'll have to pretend we didn't make the dough, just in case he thinks the pizza is too fresh. I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha, fresh hamburgers. Good one.