Being Boycotted

Pin It A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me he was moving from Chicago to St. Louis. I didn't necessarily jump for joy. I might have said something like, "That's awful" or "Why would anyone?" But to my defense, I think Chicago is great. And there's nothing at all that would lead me to believe St. Louis is great. Actually, just the opposite. My husband has been there, and he said the best thing there is a Taco Bell.

Anyway, because I would not provide moving support to my friend on gchat, he has been ignoring me on gmail (until August 17) and boycotting my blog. All very unreasonable.

But, I've been thinking about it, and I don't have to be happy about HIS move, even though he's going to live on "one of the top ten streets in America." I should just stop pointing out why he shouldn't move there. I mean it's a done deal. I'm sure he'll be happy. And if he hates it, he can spend more time studying, get his Master's quick and get the hell out.

I guess side by side, Chicago just looks a little bigger that's all.


  1. No, sensitive Karine, St Louis can go to hell. Your friend is dumb.

  2. Where's the food in this blog entry? A mention of Greg noting a Taco Bell doesn't count.

  3. As I've mentioned here, you don't tell me what to blog about: