Black Bean Quesadillas (and Swiss Chard for one)

Pin It I love me some quesadillas. A few years ago, I was watching America's Test Kitchen and they had a segment on the perfect quesadillas. I used to do everything in the pan, but apparently, the trick is to toast the tortilla first, then remove from heat, add your filling, and retoast. And they are right, they come out crispy and pretty close to perfect.
I filled mine with black beans flavored with paprika, cumin, salt, pepper and lots of green onions. Then topped that off with cheese.

I also cooked up some swiss chard. My husband doesn't really like chard (although he'll usually eat it, he just likes to make a fuss). On Saturday, I had just enough for one, so it worked out well. I first sauteed the garlic and stalks in olive oil.

Then, I added some balsamic vinegar, let it cook down some, and added the greens. I will sometimes add a red onion too. It comes out light and tasty, and a nice compliment to cornish game hens or chicken.

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