Bougie Wine and Cheese Party

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(sober and posed)

We love wine and cheese, our friends love wine and cheese. So, we decided it was time for a bougie wine and cheese party; something to make us feel better than everyone else. When my chiropractor asked me what my plans for the weekend were, I felt super classy saying, oh, you know, we're hosting a wine and cheese party. I could tell he was impressed.

So here's what people brought over, cheese-wise: humbold fog, morbier, anise and lavendar goat cheese, double brie, dubliner (2 varieties), blue cheese, mozarella balls that I marinated with pepper flakes, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and everyone's favorite armenian string cheese.
We also had some salami, hungarian sausage, little smokies and lots of olives. And our friend picked up a delicious sponge cake from Porto's, which was used to soak up the many bottles of wine and beer consumed before we headed out to the nearest bar.

I can't say the party ended on a classy note, but it sure started on one.

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