Experimental Salsa Sandwiches, and Friday Cleaning

Pin It So, we didn't have any tortilla chips at home. And my husband made some delicious roasted salsas - green and red, and I had no way of eating it. I mean, I could have gone out and bought some chips, but I didn't want to leave the house. So instead, I decided to make salsa sandwiches, with the bread my husband also made (I told you he's trying to compete with me for housewife status).

I wasn't sure what they would taste like, but, I have to say, they were pretty delicious. I think you need a pretty think salsa, which these were, because anything watery would have made things a mushy mess.

I also did a lot of cleaning, particularly in the kitchen. I refilled my spices, and washed their containers. As my spice rack sits close to the oven, things get pretty grimy. Probably a good thing to do once a year, if you're a clean freak like me.

Now my spice rack is as good as new. And a shiny spice rack makes me smile.

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