Fridge Cleaning and Healthy Eating

Pin It Waking up late again, and being home alone for a good part of the day, I decided to clean out the fridge before grocery shopping. I threw out a bag full of expired "stuff" and old veggies, vowing to stop buying pre-made sauces (peanut, sweat and sour, stir fry), since I obviously don't use them, and can easily put them together if needed.

It took a little while longer than I anticipated, but with my fridge cleaned and stocked with some food, I decided to break for a healthy snack. In my attempt to lose a few pounds before Spain, which I am bound to gain back there, I am on a mission to eat better, and do some daily bike riding.

For my snack, I made a wrap, with turkey, Zinfandel/orange mustard (purchased in a very drunk state while wine tasting, but definitely a good buy), tomato and avocado. Being so good, I even skipped on the cheese. We'll see how long I can last skipping on the cheese, and my nightly glass of wine. By the time Spain comes around, I'm going to be a lightweight!

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