Good-Looking Halibut

Pin It Today after work, we went to Howie's Market in Pasadena, because my husband heard something about their Italian sausages. And he wanted to take some camping. Featuring Alexander's Meats, Howie's Market was small and overpriced. But we got some of their spicy sausages, which are made in-house and drove up the street to Hows Market.

Driving by both of these for years, this was our first time exploring either. Hows was more like a Ralphs from the early 90s (I'm told). They had a decent meat and seafood selection and we picked up some nice-looking halibut.

Once home, I pan seared the halibut with some sea salt, pepper and olive oil. We topped the fish off with tarragon mustard and more olive oil,which we picked up over the weekend, and I quickly cooked up a side of swiss chard. The fish was fresh and meaty, and the mustard a nice match. I was a bit sad I didn't have a chilled bottle of white wine to go with it, so I had to settle for some Shiraz. But no complaints. Everything was still delicious.

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