I'm an Artist, man

Pin It At the beginning of this year, there was no more denying it, our friend was moving to Texas (Austin, TX, but still) for a boy. Some of us were sad. Some of us were over it. A few were happy. And I was devastated. Everyone was shocked. Mean K, emotional? People weren't buying it. But it was true.

In an effort to gain some control of this horrible move, in an effort to remain close to my friend, I took an interest in her art. I asked her to teach me about printmaking. And we spent an afternoon or so shopping for art supplies, gchatting, and discussing my new life as an artist. Because within an hour of developing an interest in lino cuts, I declared myself an artist.

You might think, you're not an artist, but you be quiet. Below are my first two lino cuts. Pretty decent, if I say so myself. The fish one was done while consuming a bottle of wine, and it was my very first time cutting with the sharp little instruments. Yes, I cut myself. But that's what artists do, they suffer for their work.

Once I completed my Joshua tree design, and printed it, I lost my new found passion, and went back to reading tirelessly instead.

Although I have been ignoring my art, it has still been on my mind. I even got a fancy set of carving tools for my birthday, from another artist friend. And tonight, I decided to resume my half finished Joshua tree cactus, which has even made appearances in my dreams, but has been stored in my art box since March (that's right, I have a whole box dedicated to my art!).

I worked on it a bit and did a rubbing to see how things were looking (above).

Then, I worked on it some more, and did two more rubbings (below). I decided to add a border, and although my final one (on the right) still needs some fine tuning, it's coming along. I'm loving the clouds.

My friend has now been gone for almost 6 months now. But my life as an artist is still going strong.

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  1. That was the saddest blog entry ever. PS. I like your clouds, too. Also, you have given me no KK prints. That seems wrong.