Leave No Dumpling Behind

Pin It You know what's great? Having every other Friday off. Having every Friday off would be better, but what kind of world would this be if that was to happen. Too happy.

So today, I went to lunch with a friend who also has every other Friday off. He was feeling a little hungover, so I knew of just the place, Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Arcadia. This place is good when you're not hungover too. What's not good is the crazy-hectic environment where they make you feel no so human, but like a dumpling-eating robot. There's always someone at the front yelling into a headset, rushing (even in place), and starring waiting customers down. And it doesn't really get better when you sit down. Within 5 minutes of being there, they make you feel like you're not eating fast enough and therefore causing the crowds.

Why go then? The dumplings. So delicious. So juicy. So perfect. If you have some patience and thick skin, and can overlook the rude, thin Asian girl servers, who don't want to be serving you, then you should definitely go.

And you need to get the juicy pork dumplings (below). The best dumplings there. I also like the pork and crab (pictured above) . . .
the pork and shrimp shaomai . . .
the sour and spicy soup . . .
and the sauteed spinach . . .
Of course there's a lot of other things that are good, like their shrimp fried rice, but we were only two people. And eating 15 dumplings a piece was already quiet a challenge. However, with some encouraging words and my bossiness, we completed the task.

After our late lunch, we took a leisurely drive up Altadena Drive to get some Bulgarini gelato. I know, I was just there, but it's so good, I needed a refill. And I needed to take my friend, who appreciates cold desserts. This time, I had chocolate (with salt from Florentine), Lemon Cream and Coffee Cream. I have to say, I like the chocolate without salt better, but the salty one was pretty interesting. I was so full for the rest of the evening, that I got too lazy to cook dinner, and instead snuck in some salt and vinegar chips into the movies and snacked on those.

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  1. I need some....of that....right now......I'll finish 30....because I'm that hungry.