Life According to Mr. T

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I have this friend, Mr. T. He's a successful business man, with a gorgeous wife, kids, and fancy cars. Usually, within 5 minutes of being around him, he either threatens to slap me because I'm not being agreeable, or put me in my place. And he has some obnoxiously hilarious life philosophies. I couldn't make this stuff up, if I tried:

  • One wife, many lovers - this one is pretty self-explanatory
  • Three-day vacations only - he claims, there's no place on earth that he needs to visit, be it Russia, Maimi or Utah, that he'd want to dedicate more than three days to. And he sticks to this
  • Let the nature lovers, have nature - people, the outdoors are obviously not for everyone
  • (At least) one cigar a day, keeps the doctor away - I can't really argue with that

That's what comes to mind for right now. Feel free to adopt one, or all.

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