Mad Men Nachos is All I Get

Pin It Mad Men is back to filming at my work. Here I thought, this is my second chance. If not now, then not until next season. So I guess now I wait until next season to meet my Don Draper.

I got my hopes up high again. Even higher than the last. Friends were giving me advice, writing poems on my behalf for him. I bought a new outfit. But then I found out only Roger Sterling was going to be here.

Roger is cool. He was here last time. He was here during scouting. He too looks good in a suit. But, he's no Draper.

So no Draper, and this time, I get a pretty crappy view from my window.
You know what I did get? Nachos from craft services that were pretty delicious. And an invitation to stay for lunch this evening. But I'm not into evening lunch, besides, I made plans to ride my bike to Home Depot. And Friday night Home Depot visits are the best.

Someday Don Draper. Someday soon. But in the meantime, thanks for the nachos.

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