Noddle Stir Fry and Lettuce Wraps

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We used to stir fry all the time, well maybe once a week, and now we don't. I asked my husband what happened, he said we got rich. That's funny. Because if we were rich, I'd be staying home! So that's not it.

I think I just got lazy. For me, stir frys are very prep intensive. Althought it all cooks quick and easy, everything pretty much has to be ready at the same time. And I lose interest in chopping and peeling stuff. So last night, I prepped all my veggies, cabbage, snow peas, carrots, sprouts, cooked up soba noddles, and stir fried everything in garlic, ginger, oyster and soy sauce, adding a little lemongrass from our patio garden. It was good, and healthy tasting. Soba noodles always taste so good for you.

I also made some delicious pork lettuce wraps, with some chilies and basil from our garden, and lots of garlic, oyster and soy sauce and a few drops of fish sauce. This was my first attempt at these, and they were tasty and so easy to make. We bought this scary "live" butter lettuce from the supermarket, with the roots in tact. Very tasty and perfect for wrapping, but pretty expensive. I'm eager to see how it holds up in the fridge and whether my rich self can afford to pay $2 per a head of lettuce all the time.

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