Saturday Adventures: Beach, Bulgarini and a Burrito

Pin It We did a lot this Saturday. The day started with a pretty late wake-up. We then convinced our friend to come to the beach with us. We drove to Huntington, grabbed Jack in the Box tacos on the way, put some quarters in the meter, and spent 1.5 hours eating, sun bathing, and eventually swimming. By the way, did you know that the Jack in the Box tacos are made with soy, not meat? No one seems to know, so I've been on a mission to educate. Just don't go to Jack in the Box and ask for the vegetarian tacos, their staff is not really that well informed. They just stare at you in confusion, until you just say, "I want the two taco deal."

After the beach, we dropped our friend off, picked some tomatoes from my in-laws backyard, went home, cleaned up and napped.

I then had a Lions event to attend (yes, I am a Lion folks). After that, we headed to Bulgarini Gelato in Altadena. It's supposed to have the best gelato in town, and it does. Although unless you know of this place, it's impossible to find. Located in this dead shopping center, with a Rite Aid (looking so sad with it's E constantly blinking), and a Kragen Auto Parts, it's hidden toward the back, there's a very shabby homemade sign on Altadena Drive that you're bound to miss, unless you're alert, and have your gelato radar on.

We got there and to our surprise, they were showing Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita", and the outside courtyard was packed with old hipsters drinking wine, and getting ready to eat dinner. I guess on weekends, Bulgarini has a movie/dinner special for $12. We had our own movie to catch and dinner to eat, so we grabbed some gelato (dessert before dinner) and headed out.

I got the classic cream of coffee and chocolate flavors. A great decision. Delicious and rich, the chocolate so dark.
The husband was apparently feeling experimental and went for tangerine and pomegranite sorbet. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. And there was a silent understanding my choices were better, of course only silent until I declared it. But then the place is called Bulgarini Gelato, not Bulgarini Sorbet.

After that, we headed to Laemmle's in Pasadena, and made a stop at La Fiesta Grande across the street. I had a very strong classic margarita and a monstrous shredded beef burrito. The husband, still feeling the consequences of the night before stuck with albondigas soup.
I put a good dent in the burrito, but did not come close to destroying it, as I foolishly vowed to do when it arrived.

With our bellies really full, we saw (500) Day of Summer. Eh, the movie was okay. Definitely a chick flick, definitely could have benefited from some character development and less pop culture references.

The night ended with a migraine for me (I'm not blaming the movie, I have no proof it causes headaches) and a half-eaten burrito for my husband to finish, which he did, as soon as we got home.

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