Saturday Shopping and Snacking

Pin It A friend of ours works at this gourmet food distribution place, and on Saturday, they had their first public sale at their warehouse in Alhambra. We got there at 11 am, an hour after the place opened, and it was packed. Our friend looked miserable at the cash register, so after a quick wave hello, we decided not to ask any questions and try to get through the crowds on our own.

We bought some items that are not so easy to find everywhere, champagne vinegar, some nice olive oil, good mustard, good chorizo, and my husband picked out a few stinky cheeses.

The line out was horrible. And that's pretty much all I can say about that.

We then went out to lunch with some friends, and one of our friends came back to the condo with us for some drinking and cheese and salami sampling.

I liked the salami the best. The cheeses were a bit too stinky. After our mid-day snacking, and quick house cleaning, we saw District 9, which was awesome. I had no idea what I was going to see when I went, having not heard/read anything about this movie. But the movie was really good. Really.


  1. I thought District 9 was okay. The main dude's accent was horrid (Wikus). And he acted like such a jerk throughout, I didn't feel bad for him at all....and I'm SUPPOSED to feel bad for the main dude. Anyways...one time watch was good for me. I loved the aliens, though (Christopher!). Such a shame...their situation, I mean.

    Humans can be quite lame.....

  2. this is not a comment, this is an essay!

  3. Would you say it's Shooter good?

  4. that movie is untouchable. but yes.

  5. LOL! I get very enthusiastic about films. Oye