Couch Day 2009, survived

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On Saturday we celebrated the 5th annual Couch Day. It's a fairly important holiday that takes place the first weekend in September, in honor of our couches. You see, when we first bought our condo, we were poor, and after spending another $10k or so cleaning it up, that left us more poor. And for the first 4 months, we spent our time hanging out in the kitchen, at the breakfast nook. Because that was the only seating in the place. We drank beer, ate bread, made our friends help us paint. It was a good time. (Enjoy the photos below from over 4 years ago).

Then one day, we went to Wicks and purchased two couches. And the day the couches were delivered, we decided to have a party. That's how Couch Day started.

This year, Couch Day was a little different. Our veteran couch day friend is no longer living in CA. It was a bit sad not having her around, but after lots of brandy I got over it. We had a lot of couch day virgins around, who I think had a good time, but were definitely not prepared for what was in store. We ate lots of food (although I got too drunk and lazy to take photos), drank all kinds of booze, grilled sausages, sat on couches, watched PBS and many many hours of Mad Men. Couch Day started at around noon, and lasted until about 10:30 pm. A long, drunken, lazy day. It's a bit exhausting, you have to learn to pace yourself, but it's always fun.


  1. i would suggest stating that my aunt and uncle made couch day happen, financially speaking. And I am an accountant, so i can speak financial.