Crab Cakes and Sides

Pin It I really like crab cakes, but have never made them. I always buy the frozen ones from Trader Joe's. They are tasty. It's just that when I have real crab around, I never want to turn it into a little cake. I just want to eat it, with some lemon squeezed on top. So, that means I usually get crab cakes when I go out, or buy them frozen.

On Friday, I seared up some frozen crab cakes, and made a delicious slaw and mashed potatoes. Everything went together really well, surprising both of us. For the slaw, I used good mustard, champagne vinegar, dill, oil, and lots of salt and pepper. I kept the mashed potatoes simple, butter, milk and again lots of salt and pepper. We had some white wine and ate our fancy crab cakes in front of the tv.

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  1. You ate mashed potatoes? And you kind of eat eggs now, too? End of days! End of days!!