The Dumpling House

Pin It After our last failed attempt to eat at The Dumpling House, I wasn't sure when we'd actually make it there again. But I guess we didn't have to wait too long. On Sunday, with nothing better to do that drive and eat, we ended up there for an early dinner.

I liked the place right away. It was clean, empty, and had some random artwork of all kinds of animals on the walls.

And the food was delicious too. And very reasonable.

We had these wide glass noodles, with crab and veggies. They tasted fresh and healthy.

There was a seaweed salad that was tangy and delicious, and also a Chinese version of kim chi. Barely pickled, the cabbage was crisp and fresh. All the sides made us feel fresh and healthy, as if we were actually working out by eating this food.

Until the dumplings arrived. The workout ended there. The steamed ones (above) were filled with shrimp and chives. And the pan fried ones we got with pork (at top). Both were flavorful and delicious, but they definitely didn't taste like they were good for you. Although they were definitely good.

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