First Homey Meal at Home

Pin It Since we left all of our money in Spain, we have decided to live life as peasants for a while, meaning lots of soups, stews, hearty salads, home-made breads and water. Sorry friends, no more bougie wine and cheese parties for a while.

So on our first day home, we went shopping for lots of fruits and veggies, and cheap meats, and made a delicious stew.

We quickly browned a few short ribs, then garlic and onion, adding baby potatoes, carrots, fresh thyme, some dried oregano and rosemary, and achiote powder we had found that day at the Mexican market. And of course the basic salt and pepper. At the very end, some frozen peas went in as well.

On the side, I made a harvest grain mix from Trader Joe's, and our first meal home, felt like, well home.

Tonight, my husband is making some pork chops in a tomatillo sauce, and I plan to try this Bittman recipe, although we probably won't be eating it tonight. We have to take a little walk to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy my husband some new dish-washing gloves. His poor sensitive hands can't handle soap and water. I sure hope we find the hot pink ones again.

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