IKEA food is like IKEA furniture, cheap and cardboardy

Pin It It's sad that my last blog before Spain is about IKEA food, but I've been busy.

By the way, don't miss me too much over the next few weeks. I shall return on the 27th, with lots of pictures, stories and an extra 10 lbs. If you get too lonely, feel free to re-read previous posts, and think about the good times we've had.

So, back to IKEA. Our friend was eager to buy a bed, so on Tuesday, we drove him out to IKEA. Once there, we had to eat. Now, I've never been to the IKEA restaurant that serves the fancy meatballs, salmon and pastas you see in their catalogs. I've only eaten at the counter by the EXIT, that typically serves two things - hot dogs and frozen yogurt. But on Tuesday, there were additional items - cinnamon buns AND pizza. I wasn't feeling like a hot dog, and the pizza looked less than appetizing, but I had to do it. Something made me. Everyone (friend and husband) did a double take. Are you sure? Pizza? Really? Yes, really!

The pizza was not good. But I can't decide if it was worse than the hot dog. It had some herbs on it, but otherwise tasted cardboardy. And it gave me a tummy ache. Next time, I think I'll stick to buying some lingoberry jam, and calling it a day.

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