Points for me!

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Marriage is all about points. It's like tennis (or any other game that has points). You want points. The more you get, the better (well, maybe not every game). When you have enough points, you get to cash them in and can then say things like, "I know better", "Being always right is hard, but you're not even trying", "Odds show, you're gonna be wrong!" or other clever things that escape me right now.

Both parties are always collecting points, although some go about it in more discreet ways. Also, the way these points are used can be different. You can accumulate for years and then strategically use all your points at once, or you can use then right away, for immediate gratification.

The past few days have been bad at work. I'm working odd hours, and way too much. So, as you may have noticed, not so much blogging, or cooking. Last night we went to pick up a quick, late dinner at Teri&Yaki, a few blocks from us. Well, it wasn't so quick. While waiting for our food, we got into a discussion about supporting chains, or mom and pop shops. Usually we are on the same page with this, but my husband likes going to Teri&Yaki a lot for some reason, and I prefer another place. And Teri&Yaki has multiple locations, so it's obviously a chain. My husband said, they only had two locations. I was sure it was more than two.

Today, I looked them up. They have three. Point for me!


  1. in tennis, one of the points is called love.

    i don't know much about tennis. but how about your marriage score be tied at love-love. try it out.

    i don't know much about marriage. but i know i'm drunk and hungry. wish i had a teri&yaki by my house.

    i don't know much about teri&yaki. but i trust your husband's taste in food.

  2. nic,
    no one wants to play or watch a game that's tied at love-love. if we were married, our score would be 30-love right now. because i'd get two points for knowing about tennis and marriage.

    thanks for playing marriage tennis!

    2-point KK