SPAIN: A quick overview

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So I'm back! And I'm really tired. This traveling and eating well thing is muy exhausting. Spain is awesome. You should really go one day, en serio.

We started off with 3 days in Barcelona. Drove to Huesca, spent the night, and headed out to San Sebastian for 2 days. We then made out way across the north coast, Cantabria and the Asturias, spending time around the Picos of Europe. Then there was Galicia and Santiago. Oh, Santiago. It was my favorite. So old, so delicious.

The last 5 days were spent in the middle, Toledo and Madrid. We knew Spain was not going to be awesome all around, and Toledo showed us just that. Madrid was pretty cool though, if you like that huge city thing. My feelings are still mixed.

There were some pretty memorable meals, lots of pretty churches, and a fascinating bullfight. So I should have lots of posts coming, once my photos are in order. But here's a quick taste, without giving away too much.


  1. Hmm, Spain does have nice clouds.

    That's insane. My dad's mother was from Galicia. My mom's mother comes from Gijon (in Asturias). I need to get my butt over there. I feel like I'm missing out on my grandparent's history =(

    Glad you're back!

  2. haha, you missed me ricky ricardo!