The Bittman Potato Salad

Pin It Maybe I don't like sweet potatoes that much after all. That's the conclusion this salad has made me come to. I finally prepared the salad that I mentioned in my previous blog, which I spotted on the Mark Bittman blog. And it came out well.

The potatoes were roasted perfectly. I added all the ingredients, and made the dressing with a Serrano pepper, lime juice, garlic and olive oil. It was tasty.
I mixed it all together. The salad looked great, and it tasted really good too, last night. But I had it again during lunch today, and I think my feelings toward it changed. I'm not sure if I liked cold sweet potatoes. But then when I popped it into the microwave, and I didn't like the reheated sweet potatoes either. I'm starting to think I only like sweet potatoes maybe three times a year. It's like when I buy a bag of sweet potato chips, and can't finish it. That's what this salad reminded me of. However, if YOU like sweet potatoes, this is a delicious recipe to try.

Now I want some regular potato salad, either with lots of mustard and olive oil, like the Frenchies, or lots of mayo, like the Germans.

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