Creepy License Plate

Pin It So today as I was stuck in traffic on the way to work, I happened to pay attention to the small black car in front of me. I first noticed that there was a little stuffed skull and bones toy hanging from the back window. I thought oh cute, decorating the car for Halloween, not my deal, but people really love this holiday in America. Then, I noticed the license plate and was totally creeped out. I wish I was more alert at 8 am in the morning, but I'm not (I should not be able to drive until at least 10:30), so I didn't get a picture. Here's what it said:

Top Frame: Embalmers
Bottom Frame: They make you last longer

Seriously? Do you need to make that kind of statement about your occupation? Do you need to creep out sleepy drivers on the freeway by sharing your passion for pumping dead people with chemicals? Just tell me that you'd rather be hiking or skiing, so I don't have to change 3 lanes in bad traffic to get away from your death car.

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